>Why Don’t Baseball Teams Know This Already?

>“The challenge for Bloomberg is to create software that is better, faster and more visually useful than what rivals offer to help develop players and predict their performances. A demonstration of Bloomberg’s software showed dazzlingly colorful graphics and an easy way to plot statistics and compare players in complex combinations.”

-From the New York Times

Why is it that Bloomberg is making this technology and selling it to professional baseball teams? Why don’t, say, the teams themselves already have this technology developed? What sort of team would be so far behind in terms of player evaluation that they would need to purchase information about THEIR OWN SPORT . . . stupid caps lock key . . . their own sport from a third party? Who is actually “dazzled” by colorful graphics?

For Jeff Wilpon, the chief operating officer of the Mets, the value in the software will be in evaluating free agents.
“If you take X player on another team who’s around a great cast of players,” he said, “we want to look at him in our ballpark with different players around him to see how he will fit in.”


All I can say is:


Oh. My. God.

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