>Matt Holliday is to Jason Bay is to Bengie Molina as:

>Matt Damon : Ben Affleck : Casey Affleck

Alec Baldwin : Billy Baldwin : the other Baldwin brothers

Bruce Springsteen : Southside Johnny : Jon Bon Jovi

Getting a puppy for Christmas : getting a goldfish : getting a dead goldfish.

Peyton Manning : Eli Manning : Cooper Manning

Adam West’s Batman : Christian Bale’s : George Clooney’s

Han Solo : Luke Skywalker : an Ewok

Morgan Freedman playing the President : Bill Pullman : Danny Glover

The Beatles : The Kinks : The Monkees

Gary Cohen : Joe Buck : Joe Morgan

Eddie Murphy in the 1980s : Eddie Murphy in the 1990s : Eddie Murphy in the 2000s

Chicago, the city : Chicago, the musical : Chicago, the band

David Lee Roth : Sammy Hagar : Gary Cherone

Robert De Niro : Joe Pesci : Ray Liotta

Casablanca : Titanic : Meet the Spartans

Apollo 11 : Apollo 12 : Apollo 13

Conan O’Brien : No television at all : Jimmy Fallon

Doctor Gregory House performing surgery : Doctor Nick Riviera : Doctor Teeth

John Stamos : Bob Saget : Dave Coulier

James Earl Jones : Ian McKellen : Gilbert Gottfried

Any other suggestions?

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