>Announcement: David Wright Week.

>Welcome to David Wright Week.

David Wright’s 2009 was, um . . . well it was weird. Complete power outage, but his on-base percentage and batting average remained relatively unchanged from the year before. Way more strikeouts, but a jump in his batting average on balls in play. Highest line drive rate in the majors. Concussed by a Matt Cain fastball.

There are plenty of looks at all the weird things that happened. Here are three good ones from Fangraphs:

David Wright’s wacky 2009.

David Wright’s Power Outage Part 1

David Wright’s Power Outage Part 2

Lots of odd things happened. That has been well established – but no one knows why. Check back here every day this week for a look at some of the possible “whys” behind all the insanity, whether or not his power will return, the effects of Citi Field, and which Led Zeppelin album his 2009 season is most like.

David Wright Week: It’s like Shark Week, only with more blood.*

*Amount of blood subject to change.

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