>The 2010 Mets Projected Lineup.

>Short little exercise on a rainy day while I’m working on some other, longer things. Briefly, the 2010 Mets opening day lineup as it now stands with CHONE projected wOBA. This isn’t the way I think it should look, but rather the way I suspect Jerry Manuel will organize the lineup. An average wOBA is somewhere in the range between .330-.340, For more on wOBA click here:

SS Jose Reyes .366
2B Luis Castillo .329
3B David Wright .393
LF Jason Bay .388
RF Jeff Francoeur .327
1B Daniel Murphy .330
CF Angel Pagan .334 or Gary Matthews Jr. .309
C Omir Santos .289
P Johan Santana .infinity

Don’t worry, it looks worse than it actually is. It’s an average lineup, and a slightly below average group defensively, though that changes based on how the left side of the infield performs. Beltran makes the offensive better, though I’m not sure if post-op Beltran is a defensive upgrade over Pagan. The 2010 Mets appear to be a middle of the pack team as currently constructed.


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2 responses to “>The 2010 Mets Projected Lineup.

  1. mechosoyyo

    >lineup should be reyes castillo wright bay francoeur callanotto pagan blanco. this could be a good defensive and a mentor group for the young guys

  2. Anonymous

    >The only change I can see would be Murphy hitting 5th and Frenchy dropping down to 6th. Murphy has a higher OBP and also sticks a lefty bat in there after Wright and Bay. Also, if Castillo starts sucking, Pagan could see that #2 hole pretty fast with CAstillo hitting 7th or 8th. Once Beltran comes back, I see him batting fourth and the current 4-6 bumping down a slot. Jerry loves to throw the lefty-righty sequences out there.

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