>Super Bowl Sunday Stuff You Should Read


 Omar Minaya and Carlos Beltran will be watching the game today. A little bit too closely maybe. This picture gives me the creeps everytime I see it. It’s as if Omar’s looking past the camera, directly into my soul . . .
Amazin’ Avenue takes a good look at all possible diamonds in the pitching rough.
Bobby Kielty is supposedly and surprisingly converting to a pitcher. Kielty was with the Mets for spring training 2009 and played with AAA Buffalo for half the season. More importantly, this gives me an excuse to link to this picture. 

The Mets front office is still a disaster. Unsurprisingly.
Toby Hyde finally begins his Mets prospect countdown. He’s the expert, you should check it out.
The Hardball Times has fun with career projections, seeing which players have the best chance of reaching milestones like 3,000 hits or 300 wins. Sadly, no Mets anywhere.
It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Remember when this happened two years ago? And then this happened? *Chris Farley voice* Yeah. That was awesome. Enjoy the game, and go Saints.

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