>Old Time Baseball, via the Internet

>Slow week in terms of Mets news, plus my exhaustion from “vacation” in Florida, means slow updates. My apologizes. I’ll try to put together something for tomorrow, and I’m working on something longer about spring training for Monday. So I’ll make it up soon.

Anyway, I thought I’d pass this youtube account along in the meantime.

It has a lot of amazing, older baseball video clips – dead ball era, Ty Cobb, but also 40’s and 50’s guys like Stan Musial and Jackie Robinson. Think of this: someone who saw Babe Ruth play in the 1920’s has to now be in their nineties, at the very least, to remember it. Most people that saw Ty Cobb play – who is really the first one still reverenced as a star today – are dead.

If you like to think baseball really became baseball around when Babe Ruth decided he was going to start uppercutting and Kenesaw Landis drove the gamblers out, then the actual, original first-hand memories of “baseball as it’s played today” are going to slip away for all eternity soon, where no one alive can recall them. The origin of the species is already long gone, and the memories of them are going to disappear. Someone, somewhere, can still remember seeing Babe Ruth play. But they’re going to die soon.

Obviously, with the Mets it’s different, because plenty of fans can remember the team from it’s inception to the present day. But there was baseball before 1962.

For all the oddness the internet can bring into your life, it can also bring Willie Mays non-nonchalantly catching a fly ball, or running, hat blowing off behind him. Or you can try to figure out if Walter Johnson really threw that hard throwing with that low arm angle. The names and the numbers receive faces, and that’s really cool.

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