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I’m almost certain this Amazin’ Avenue post exists solely for the accompanying image and caption, but it’s an interesting debate anyway.

Ted Berg on Chris Carter. Yes. I saw him in Spring Training and he ran out to right field like someone had stuck a firework down the back of his pants. He’s totally, totally deranged and I love it.

Toby Hyde’s prospect countdown continues. This time, he’s all the way down to #6, Wilmer Flores.

Can Hisanori Takahashi become the next Darren Oliver? Fonzi Forever says yes.

Jose Reyes: “Understanding his young player’s impatience to get into a game, Minaya merely smiled and raised his eyebrows skeptically, like a parent nodding when a 6-year-old says he can drive the family car.”

I really, really like the Mets, but I don’t know if I like the Mets enough to get married at Citi Field. Or even if I did,  I don’t know if I could find a woman willing to go along with the idea.

Metstradamus makes excellent points, as always, about the Jenrry Mejia debate.

Joe Posnanski on heart and baseball.

Sunday Q & A with Jason Bay (say that five times fast).

Unrelated: Do you know what the most difficult thing in the world to do is? To explain FireJoeMorgan to another human being who doesn’t really like baseball or stats or both. It’s literally impossible to do. Go upstairs, right now – don’t worry about those bright lights, that’s just the sun – and try to explain FJM to your mother. It cannot be done.

Further unrelated: This doesn’t have anything to do with baseball, mostly, but ESPN’s Keith Law posted his top 200 songs of the 1990’s. The comment for song #16, Radiohead’s “Just”, is as follows:

16. Radiohead – “Just.” The song that made me a Radiohead fan, and a sound I think Muse has been emulating for a decade now. One of the funniest comments I saw on the old Baseball Primer was from Dan Szymborski, who said that the whispered secret in the video for “Just” was (I’m paraphrasing) “pitchers have little to no control over the results of balls in play.”

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