>Sunday Stuff to Read

>Some Sunday morning links, as usual.

Joe Posnanski on hating A-Rod and Duke. Every once in a while, I’m tempted to like A-Rod. I suspect it’s going to happen one day, but not yet.

Think the Mets bullpen is good? Think again.

Did you know Keith Hernandez wrote a book about the 1985 season? Even better, did you know that Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune reviewed the book in a somewhat odd but entertaining fashion?

Wunderkind and future Washington National, Bryce Harper, is apparently kind of a jerk.

An interesting, and excessively sane or insane, rethinking of the playoffs by Sky Andrecheck, though not one I agree with.

Deadspin takes a look inside the world of gay softball.

A Cuban-born baseball scout was released after 13 years in prison.

Will Leitch explains defensive statistics in an understandable way for New York Magazine.

Things going right for the Mets is going to make Adam Rubin’s head explode.

Tom Verducci notes the rise in the number of young African-American stars in baseball.

Now that we’re in the swing of the season, interesting reads are starting to appear.

* * *

Maybe you can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach?

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