>Pelfrey Implosion Sunday Stuff to Read

>Some things to look at and read on an unseasonably hot Sunday.

Daniel Murphy is going to AAA after he recovers from his knee injury.

Ted Berg is in Milledgeville.

Is Mets-Phillies a rivalry again? What about the third place Nationals, who are just a game out of first? Or the Marlins, who are just two games out? Or the last place Braves.

In case you didn’t have enough with my explanations as to why Kevin Kernan is wrong about everything – particularly about the Mets pounding the strikezone – here is Surviving the Citi’s and Fire Jerry Manuel’s views on the subject.

John Maine has a wide range of emotions.

The Kentucky Derby is (still) Decadent and Depraved.

Rod Barajas is not happy about what is transpiring in Arizona.

How old is Jamie Moyer? Well, he started (and won) against the 1986 Mets.

* * *
Santana-Moyer tonight. More interestingly, I’m convinced Joe Morgan is going to strangle Orel Hershiser on air before the season is over. Maybe tonight?

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