>Sunday Stuff to Read

>I was going to write about the Mets rotation for tomorrow, but Jerry Manuel’s lineup construction is making it real tough not to write about that instead — because, as everyone knows, you usually want your worst hitter hitting second, your best hitter fifth, and the guy you just called up from AAA hitting cleanup. Sometimes I wonder if this is an Office Space sort of scenario, and Jerry Manuel is actively trying to get himself fired. Sunday links below.

Rob Castellano of Amazin’ Avenue talked with Cow-Bell Man (Cowbell Man?) for an inning yesterday.

NY Magazine explains to LeBron James why LeBron James is coming to New York.

Do sabermetrics detract from our enjoyment of the game? Ted Berg says no, they only make him like baseball more.

Anyone want Pat Burrell? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Bryce Harper apparently isn’t a jerk anymore, but instead “has handled the attention and expectations reasonably well for a 17-year-old.”

Dallas Braden threw a couple of screwballs — as in the actual pitch, and not a metaphorical screwball — in his perfect game, and Mike Fast of The Hardball Times investigates.

The Mets have a plan for Jenrry Mejia. Or something resembling a plan. Maybe “plan” is being too kind. The Mets have a bad idea for Jenrry Mejia.

In case you haven’t seen this yea, this is an amazing Mets-art-journal blog.

* * *

The Animal is out of his cage, and is now hitting cleanup.

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