>Sunday Morning Links and Housekeeping

>A few housekeeping blog notes:

– I’ve gotten away from doing link dumps the past few weeks, mostly because I’ve been having trouble finding solid stuff to link. I revamped my Google reader and I’m going to be starting links up again, only this time with hopefully more interesting material. It will still be just weekly for now, but I may start doing link dumps more than once a week, provided it’s working the way I’d like.

– I’ll be taking a trip out to Ohio for a few days this week to visit my sister . . .  though you may notice that the Mets happen to be playing the Indians in Cleveland this week. This may or may not be coincidental timing. I’ll (hopefully) be checking out the Mets-Indians game on Wednesday, as well as the AAA Columbus Clippers on Tuesday. I’ll still be posting while I’m away, so keep checking in.

– Mailbag, mailbag, mailbag, mailbag. There will be another mailbag post sometime this week, but keep sending emails. I have fun doing it, and maybe you have fun reading it, so send your questions along via email, via Twitter, or Facebook. You, of course, make it all possible . . . plus I like getting random emails. It makes me feel happy inside.

Finally, the links:


Last night was Star Wars night at the game in Buffalo. (The Mets Police)

How good or bad are Mike Pelfrey’s pitches? Eno Sarris has the answers. (Amazin’ Avenue)

Ten things to know about Jon Niese’s one-hitter. (ESPN New York)

Ted Berg reminds everyone that missing man Fernando Tatis is not bad at baseball. (TedQuarters)

I don’t know if this is a large enough sample size — Tom Tango isn’t sure either, and he would know — but morning people pitch better in day games. (Science Daily)

A look back at one of the oddest no-hitters ever recorded. (River Avenue Blues)

Sharks or Dinosaurs, and then something else:

Sharks = Mathematicians? (Discover)

A strange look into the future, man, machine, Google, and “Singularity.” (New York Times)

Music Video featuring someone without teeth:

USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! I am officially all for jingoism in soccer form, but I am not so much in favor of the apocalyptic droning of the vuvuzelas. They sounds like the Joker’s theme from “The Dark Knight.” Or just insanity. They sound like insanity. USA! USA! USA!

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