Ted Berg: Don’t Trade the “Core”

I have one minor quibble here. Berg says, “The Mets have gotten the second-worst production in the National League out of their first basemen in 2010, the worst out of their second basemen, and the worst out of their right fielders.” — I would change that to read “offensive production,” particularly with regards to the first basemen, who have somewhat compensated for their average hitting with decent defense. The second basemen and right fielders have been so awful offensively that it really doesn’t matter what they do defensively, since they’re still going to be miserable regardless.

Otherwise, exactly what he said. Trading Reyes for Felix Hernandez might be reasonable; trading Wright or Reyes just to trade them is how nightmare, franchise-crushing deals are made.


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5 responses to “Ted Berg: Don’t Trade the “Core”

  1. Trading Seaver and Ryan worked for the Mets. It’s understandable why people would want the Mets to trade their 2 best position players. Stupid people like some sort of Mets baseball symmetry.

    By the way, thank you Patrick. You’re one of the few metsblogs I still read, especially considering where the Mets are going in 2010.

    • Patrick Flood

      Thanks. The trades of Seaver and Ryan are excellent examples as to why trading your best players often doesn’t work out.

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