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Fox Adding Cable Cameras for Postseason

By Murphy’s law, there’s no way a foul ball fails to hit one of these cameras or their cables in a big spot. Plus, it sounds like they’re only going to test it with a few games this weekend, so there isn’t going to be a lot of time in lab first.

I know they use these cameras in the NFL, but in the NFL you have a pretty good idea where the football is going to be and what direction it’s going to move in. Less so with baseballs, which are fouled off in every direction.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being a Luddite, but this sounds like a bad idea.


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Read This

And then donate if you can.

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Maybe Jason Bay Should Have Played for Beruit

From last night’s Daily Show. Skip to the 2:30 mark for the Mets-related part. (Hat Tip to Talking Chop.)

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The Worst Outfield Ever?

Oh yeah. He's in here somewhere.

Last night, the New York Mets let Lucas Duda, Nick Evans, and Chris Carter patrol the outfield . . . at the same time. The Dude, the Evans, and the Animal, left to right in the expanses of Citi Field in the top of the ninth inning.

Now, these sorts of things will happen in meaningless September games — though really, doesn’t calling something a game inherently imply meaninglessness? — but this was also a close contest the Mets were trying to win. So in the ninth, they had Elmer Dessens, maybe the most contact-reliant pitcher in baseball on the mound, they were down by just one run . . . and the outfield they chose to embrace included Nick Evans playing center field, supported on either side by Duda and Carter. This was a bad idea. The Mets effectively put on a Lady Gaga meat dress and went off to try to cuddle with bears in the woods. Those sorts of plans tend to not work out.

But last night, it did work out. Evans recorded a putout on his only chance as a center fielder, and the Mets defeated the villainously mustachioed John Axford and the Brewers on a Ruben Tejada walk-off double. It was about as much fun as September baseball between two teams well out of the pennant race can be.

Still, the Duda-Evans-Carter doomsday defense had to be the worst outfield I’ve ever seen outside of a split-squad spring training game. It was three left fielders spread out across the entire massive Citi Field outfield.

So it got me wondering about Mets outfields — as in: What’s the worst defensive outfield the Mets have ever used regularly? The best defensive outfield the Mets have ever used? Click Here to Continue Reading


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Kiner’s Korner Revisited: Richie Ashburn

“The 1962 Mets lost one hundred and twenty times, and Ashburn went down kicking and screaming one hundred and twenty times.”

– George Vecsey

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Willie Randolph, in a New Light

The New York Times’ Harvey Araton takes another look at Willie Randolph’s tenure with the Mets, talking with Randolph himself, and paints the team as a panicky organization prone to overreacting. Sounds about right.

I wonder, perhaps, if the quick hooks of Rick Down and Randolph — two moves that made no real difference to the team — have anything to do with the way the Mets seem to be dragging their feet with regards to Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel’s respective fates as the curtain closes on this season. Just a possibility.

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Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, but I’m back like Beltran now. El Esta Aqui.

Anyway, let’s let Bruce take it away for the time being:

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