MLB Teams as Faces

What I’ve done for today’s ‘Wednesday Graph’ is to take 10 statistics —
wOBA, K%, BB/K, AVG, OBP, ISO, Speed Score, BABIP, BB%, and FIP — and
create Chernoff faces for every major league team. I’ll also note here,
to avoid any confusion, that the BB% and K% statistics are based on
offense and not pitching.

Looking at MLB teams this way is certainly interesting — Or maybe it’s just kind of trippy. The Mets look like a child who was just told their dog ran away, which I think is entirely appropriate for the way this season has gone. The Rangers just found out they acquired Jeff Francoeur. The Rays look like Lucas Duda.

All 30 teams and the full explanation for the faces can be found here.

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One response to “MLB Teams as Faces

  1. I’d love to see this guy crunch the numbers and show us how the faces change and evolve over the years. 10 years of creepy faces, get on it!

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