Me on “The Baseball Show”

Talking about the Mets starting rotation:


A couple of non-baseball notes here:

– I didn’t actually call in from a payphone. I thought it’d be funny if my picture was me calling in from a payphone, mostly because . . well, who still uses a payphone. The only problem — because no one uses payphones — it’s pretty difficult to find them anymore. Thank you to a random New Haven Stop and Shop for still having one outside, and thanks to Susannah for owning a camera and snapping the picture.

– As you might have noticed, much like Omar Minaya, my choice for conversation filler is “you know.” Bonus points for anyone who counts how many times I say those two words.

– I need a haircut. As Ted Berg kindly pointed out via email this morning, I’m rolling with Kevin Jonas hair at the moment. I think Nick Evans (Nick), Lucas Duda (Joe) and I could start a rocking Jonas Brother cover band.


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4 responses to “Me on “The Baseball Show”

  1. Meg

    You said “you know” 21 times. Ted Berg said it at least twice. Give me bonus points.

  2. I think Josh Thole could cover Justin Bieber, with a rap by Dudacris.

  3. Susannah must be awesome….

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