David Wright on Losing

Maybe it’s just me, but ever so slowly, David Wright seems to be losing patience with the Mets. He’s still pretty good about never saying anything wrong or interesting, but some frustration and the occasional poor choice of words seems to be leaking in. His comments yesterday helped turn something that should have been a non-story into a “Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez hate the Mets, America” story. Maybe we’re seeing a new, angrier side of David Wright.


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7 responses to “David Wright on Losing

  1. Or his comments that promoting F-Mart/Tejada was sending mixed signals?

    I think he’s frustrated with the results, but maybe not necessarily the organization. I think he’s just accepting what’s going to become more of ‘his team’ this offseason and next year. Jerry Manuel has been here since before Wright was really established, but with a new manager coming in, Wright will step into more of a captains role in that he’ll know the players better than the manager/coaches. I see this trying to encourage a group outing and talking about roster decisions as part of a transition.

    • Patrick Flood

      I don’t know. If you read some of his other comments to Rubin, Wright is starting to mention playing for another organization as a real possibility. It’s in a “well, I want to win a ring before I leave the game and that’s a long way off” kind of way, but I don’t remember him even talking about playing for another team until now. Which makes me sad, because I don’t want to imagine Wright wearing any other uniform but the Mets.

      • to be fair, Adam Rubin’s comments were extremely baiting. That entire ‘interview’ was pretty much him trying to get Wright to say it sucks playing for the Mets.

      • Patrick Flood

        . . . yeah, pretty much.

      • Well, it really must suck playing for the Mets right now. It’s not much fun even watching them these days, and we fans can turn off the game when it gets too ugly or decide not to go to the ball park until things get better. The players are stuck out there on the field, living the nightmare day after day. Then they can pick up the paper or get online and read all about how awful they are, or hear about it endlessly on the TV and radio. Of course they get paid all that money, but misery is misery even if you’re getting paid for it. David Wright can go anywhere and make millions playing ball, and if he’s with some other team he doesn’t have to deal with all the *stuff* he’s dealing with now. Why wouldn’t he make the move? I’d hate to see him go, too, but if the Mets are still like this a couple of years from now I’d lose respect for him if he didn’t leave.

        I thought the same thing about the tone of the interview. The press feeds off of conflict and disharmony, so they want to get the players to vent their anger and frustration, and it’s especially good if they can get a guy to talk trash about another player or management. It’s the “Dirty Laundry” principle, and it sells.

      • Patrick Flood

        I wouldn’t want to play for the Mets, either. They’re just a mess all the way up and down the ladder. It’s almost as if Angel Pagan and R.A. Dickey are the only two members of the organization above reproach.

        That’s a good point about Wright though. I wonder, say, 7-10 years from now, if the Mets still haven’t won, if a part of me would want Wright to leave for his own sake. I don’t know. I might.

  2. The amazing thing is – going over what they have, position by position – here’s a possible batting order for the team next season:

    ss Reyes
    cf Pagan
    3b Wright
    lf Bay
    1b Davis
    c Thole

    It’s right field and second base that are currently gaping wastelands… but that’s 2/3 of a fairly solid batting order. At this point, it looks like it’s time to move Beltran for help in those areas.

    The rotation may not have any bona-fide ace, since Santana is showing signs of a decline, but he and Pelfrey and Dickey are at least productive guys. That leaves Maine and Niese, and the radioactive Ollie Perez, squabbling over two spots. Ideally they’d only squabble over the last spot, and the team could sign a guy to serve as a 1-A to Santana’s 1-B; then the other guy would strengthen the bullpen. K-Rod, probably gone, but someone will give him a shot of some sort, so he may be a tradeable asset as well.

    As shaky as Minaya’s been, it’s a minor miracle they’re not worse off, frankly. We gotta take our “amazin” where we can get it!

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