Chipper Jones: Buck Hunter

ATLANTA — Fans wanting to see Chipper Jones in a different light will want to tune to the Outdoor Channel at 10 a.m. ET Saturday to watch “Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour.”

The episode will feature Jones’ Double Dime Ranch and include his surprise reaction when his wife, Sharon, grabs her bow and accompanies him and his friends on a hunt.

“She totally fooled him,” said Willie Robertson, the star of the Buck Commander show. “He had no idea she had been shooting her bow. Then she goes out and smokes a deer. It was awesome.”

All I can say is the clips better hit YouTube, because I’m 99% sure I don’t get the Outdoor channel . . . and I just checked. I don’t. I really want to see Larry Jones shouting “Shaaaaron!” ala Ozzy Osbourne while hunting deer — sorry, commanding bucks — with his buddies, who are all protected by Under Armour. But that’s just me.

By the way, if you have $20,000 dollars to burn, you can go on a white-tail deer hunt guided by Chipper himself. As his ranch’s website says:

‘This is a unique opportunity to visit one-on-one with Chipper while hunting genetically superior and professionally game-managed whitetails on some of the most impressive hunting land in the country – here in the heart of Texas’ legendary “Golden Triangle”.’

Because why wouldn’t you want to hunt genetically superior deer with Chipper Jones?


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2 responses to “Chipper Jones: Buck Hunter

  1. Ever see Deep Blue Sea; the hilariously bad movie where genetically engineered sharks run amok and Sam Jackson gets killed in one of my favorite scenes ever?
    Yeah, thats kinda how I hope Chipper’s encounter with his genetically superior deer goes.

    • Patrick Flood

      I didn’t even consider the possibility of Chipper’s mutant deer rising up against him. That’s now the scenario I’m rooting for.

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