Rob Neyer on Omar Minaya’s Greatest Hits

Granted, there was no reason to think Bell would become this good. But if Minaya had held on to Bell for just one more season — in 2007, he pitched brilliantly as Trevor Hoffman‘s setup man in San Diego — he might have been dissuaded from spending $47 million on Francisco Rodriguez, who a) hasn’t been as good as Bell, and b) is now in a big bowl full of trouble.

Whoops. Also, just in terms of personality, who would you rather have on your team right now? Yup.

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One response to “Rob Neyer on Omar Minaya’s Greatest Hits

  1. honestly, its very easy to say “he could have held on to him or that guy for JUST a bit longer…” but Bell has always said that it was the people in SD that made him a better pitcher. And I’m inclined to believe him. SD has been turning out strong pitchers for years now. I doubt Bell and probably a whole bunch of those talent relievers who’ve gone on to do quite well off the Mets would have been able to reach their full potential on this team, which seems to get the least out of their talent.

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