Cleanup, Aisle Queens

I thought it’d be nice to have this in list form to make us all miserable. The information comes from Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

The Mets have eight players with guaranteed contracts for next season:

  • Johan Santana – $22.5 million dollars
  • Carlos Beltran – $18.5 million
  • Oliver Perez – $12 million
  • Francisco Rodriguez – $11.5 million
  • David Wright – $14 million
  • Jason Bay – $16 million
  • Luis Castillo – $6 million
  • Ryota Igarashi – $1.75 million

What are famous albatrosses? I’ll take bad baseball decisions for $400, Alex. The Mets also owe Gary Matthews Jr. $1 million dollars — pause for facepalm — for a combined total of $103.25 million dollars guaranteed to eight players. This is more than the 2010 payroll of 23 teams. David Wright is the only one likely to earn his salary in 2011, and more than half the group are real possibilities not to contribute in any form.

Additionally, the Mets have an $11 million dollar option on Jose Reyes’ contract. Should they exercise it, the total rises to $114.25 million for nine players.

No one else has guaranteed money coming, but the following players are eligible for salary arbitration and are at least somewhat realistic possibilities to return:

  • Angel Pagan ($1.45 million in 2009)
  • Mike Pelfrey ($0.5 million in 2009)
  • R.A. Dickey ($0.6 million in 2009)
  • Sean Green ($0.975 million in 2009)
  • Manny Acosta ($0.4 million in 2009, probably)

I figure this group ends up earning $9-10 million collectively, bringing us up to about $124 million dollars for fourteen players, though two of the fourteen are exceedingly unlikely to contribute, one might be in jail, and one — maybe two — will start the season on the DL.

Additionally, the Mets will have to pay the league minimum to all their non-arb players. Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Bobby Parnell, Josh Thole, Ike Davis, Chris Carter, Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada, Joaquin Arias, Nick Evans, Lucas Duda, and whoever else will make something like 400k a piece. Assuming 11 of these sorts of dudes to fill out the 25-man roster — and remember we’re still including Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo as part of this roster — it brings the Mets 2011 payroll to the $128-129 million dollar range. This is about where it was on Opening Day this season, $126 million, so they’re already at this year’s budget, though it would be $11 million dollars below 2009’s Opening Day payroll.

The deals of Perez, Castillo, Beltran, and Igarashi all expire after 2011, so there’s hope then, but seriously: What was Omar Minaya’s plan for 2011? There’s no money left anywhere. There are some decent pieces in place, but the Mets new GM is going to have to get real creative if he or she wants to add free agents in 2011. There’s a lot of money tied up in some not-so-good pieces.

“Your 2011 Mets: Punting until 2012.”


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2 responses to “Cleanup, Aisle Queens

  1. Spit on Patrick
    The Mets will stink until all the bloated contracts are gone.
    Call me nutso but I think Maine will rebound.

  2. I dunno about spitting on Patrick, but I’ll bet a stagnant 2011 pisses off more than a few Mets and will likely make it that much harder to resign decent players like Wright, Reyes, Dickey, Takahashi to reasonable contracts. They can all go to far better teams.

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