Maybe He Should Have Stuck With Polo

It’s fair because he did make three errors, two of which led directly to San Francisco runs. It’s fair because he deserved to be charged with each of those errors. It’s fair because, compared to most things in life, baseball is pretty good at assigning both credit and blame. Brooks Conrad did make those three errors, and the Braves did lose because of them (and other things, yes).

It’s unfair because Brooks Conrad was trying his best. It’s unfair because nobody feels worse tonight than he does. It’s unfair because he’s not even supposed to be there.

Rob Neyer

Sports can be horribly cruel.

That being said, if sports HAVE to be cruel to someone, I guess I’m glad it’s decided to be cruel to the Braves.  I think I’d feel even more glee if it were also cruel towards the Phillies. I don’t know if I could handle Phillies-Yankees again — another World Series like that might prove that, if any divine force is in control of this universe, it loves messing with Mets fans.

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