Brian Wilson: Flat Crazy

The best part about the Giants making the World Series is Brian Wilson becoming a star. He’s just generally insane, as if he were some kind of miscast performance artist, and it’s wonderful. Only in baseball.


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4 responses to “Brian Wilson: Flat Crazy

  1. Do you know what is sad? At full strength, meaning everyone on their team is healthy, the Mets are a better team. Think about that for a second. On paper, the Mets are better than the Giants.

    But you know what? That’s a bunch of bs. Intangables, grit, pitching, timely hitting, and little bit of luck goes a long way in the post season. Take away Santana, the Mets are left with a bunch of miscasts. Seriously, David Wright compiles stats and does it well, year after year. Jose Reyes is not a great hitter. He is a good hitter, but we have watched him for seven years now. There is a ton of holes in his swing, at this point he is what he is. He plays great defense, but his games is tailored around speed, the older a guy gets his speed fades. (you can argue about Rickey Henderson, but he is an immortal J.R is not).

    Yeah I pick up Reyes’ option but the is the end of the line. He’s not a 15MM a year player, he’s half of that. Sorry I can keep going but I had to vent.

    • Someone raised a good point re: Reyes, if he does hit the FA market, whats to stop the Yanks from scooping him up to replace an old Jeter. Think they won’t be able to make him play well?

  2. No, the Mets are not a better team. Clearly we are entering an era where, at least in the National League, you can win with dominant starting pitching, a good bullpen and just enough hitting to get the job done. The Mets may have more offense than the Giants, but they don’t have the same caliber pitching staff, or the same caliber facial hair.

  3. I was just venting about the Mets being better. If you read my next paragraph, I noted all of the qualities that SF have and the Mets don’t( well said about the facial hair). Let’s face it Philly is a better team, but like 2006 the better doesn’t always win.
    I can’t wait to see the fresh new faces around this team in the next couple of years.

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