Quick! Before MLB Finds Out!

MLB is pretty good about taking videos off YouTube — I have no idea why they do this — so watch these highlights before they notice it’s there. Twenty-four years ago today. Vin Scully on the call:


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5 responses to “Quick! Before MLB Finds Out!

  1. My favorite Met game of all time from a Met fan who also saw the ’69 series.

    Thanks for the memory – again.

  2. Ah, sweet memory. I was in college then. My college was located 115 miles from Flushing and 107 miles from Boston. The campus was split pretty much 50-50 between Mets fans and Red Sox fans. Ah, sweet, sweet, memories.

  3. For the only time in my life, I had a premonition, after Hernandez flew out to dead center, after my family wanted to snap off the TV. “Nah, we’ll win,” said 14-year-old me.

    Mind you, I get nervous about anything like this. I was nervous watching this clip just now – I can’t help getting caught up in everything. But I KNEW the Mets were coming back in this game. Game Seven I was a wreck again.

    This game was a great birthday present for my Dad.

    PS – that was a passed ball, Gedman. Poor Bob Stanley gets too much blame for this.

  4. Makes me nostalgic for Shea. Great memories.

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