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Go over to Amazin’ Avenue and vote: Have you read Moneyball? I’m genuinely curious. Also, if the answer is no (and even if you’re not a big reader or despise numbers), it’s worth the read. How fast I get through a book is largely determined by how interesting and well-written it is — and I burned through “Moneyball” in two days. Well worth it.


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  1. Read it some years ago. Loved the book. Minaya came off poorly in the book to the sabremetricians like Podesta.They continually ignored the old time scouts opinions taking guys the stats showed fit what they wanted. I remember they drafted Nick Swisher to the dismay of one of the old time scouts.
    Also, Art Howe really came off as a puppet of the front office even to the point they got pretty mad at him if he bunted or stole a base and gave up an out a mortal sin for the sabremetric crowd.

    • Patrick Flood

      Both Minaya and Steve Phillips came off as not-to-competent in “Moneyball.” Painful reading for Mets fans.

      • Not that painful. It only validates what we already know.
        I bought a hard copy of Moneyball on ebay for $1.99 earlier this week.
        Someone else dropped it from their 40 book roster. The moneyball guys would be proud of me.

  2. Read the book some years ago and enjoyed it. I remember Minaya came off as not very well regarded by Podesta, Beane and the sabremetrics guys.They drafted Nick Swisher to the dismay of the old time scouts going with their stats over the eyeball test of the old time scouts in the draft room.
    Also remember that Art Howe came off as a complete puppet of the front office calling all the shots even as to calling down to the dugout to tell him not to bunt.Giving up outs with sacrfice bunts or stealing was definitely not something they wanted in their manager.

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