Toby Hyde on F! Arthritis

Toby Hyde has all the basic information you need on Fernando Martinez’ arthritis diagnosis. Eventual microfracture surgery, anyone?

If you’re wondering, Grady Sizemore and Carlos Guillen are baseball players who have recently undergone microfracture surgeries on their knees. There was talk of Carlos Beltran undergoing micro f/x last winter, but he elected for a procedure that (should have) had a shorter recovery time. Giants’ safety Kenny Phillips — who suffered from arthritis in his affected knee — and Knicks’ forward Amar’e Stoudemire have also successfully undergone the procedure. With all the Beltran stuff last off season, I feel reasonably confident I could perform micro f/x with a scalpel and a bit drill. But they should probably consult a real doctor.

Not that anyone besides me is even talking about Martinez and micro f/x yet. But he is just 22, and assuming it’s limited damage in his knee that’s keeping him from playing right now, it’s got to be on the table, right? Any sports doctors out there reading this?


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2 responses to “Toby Hyde on F! Arthritis

  1. The diagnosis of “arthritis” is a catch-all for many non-specific inflammatory states of the tissues…Why not just change his diet and nutrition, and add supplementation such as SOD, Glutathione or Hyaluronic acid.. all potent anti oxidants that might simply alter the oxidative state of the irritated tissues…or simply alkalinize his diet, have him eats tons of asparagus and drink fresh lemonjuice…he probably eats the poor diet of a 22 yr old including fast foods and junk….leads to oxidative state and the stress of exercise manifests as the so called “arthritis”

    • Patrick Flood

      1. I love the name “Meticated” from someone who apparently knows something about medicine, or at least meticine.

      2. I feel like the nutrition of minor leaguers is something no one ever talks about, but they probably should. These kids get a crappy per deim, I assume, and they probably blow it all on fast food.

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