Justin Turner’s Blog

So apparently Buffalo Bisons second baseman and noted redhead Justin Turner has a baseball blog entitled “Justin Turner’s Baseball Blog.” He didn’t do much writing this season, but he did catalog parts of his spring training with the Orioles in 2009, and it’s pretty decent. For example:

So yesterday after we got done conditioning which was base running, Trembley( Manager), came over to talk to us about some of his pet peeves, and concluded by telling us to make sure we check the board today because the line-up was going to be posted. Then he proceeded to tell us how to read it and what it meant when there are numbers by your name. So he says, ”So say for example Turner your playing SHORTSTOP, and Murphy your playing second. Then there will be a 6 next to your name which means after the 6th inning, Justin your going to second, Blake you’ll then go into short, and Donnie you’ll be done.” Now he said for example, so I wasn’t sure if that was exactly how it was going to work or if you was just trying to give us an idea of some things that could happen. But sure enough, when I came in the locker room today it was posted. I’m starting at short and batting ninth, then moving over to second. And Scotty is starting at third, which will be weird since when we played together he played short and I was at second and now it is shifted over a little bit. So needless to say I’m pretty excited and looking forward to tomorrow. I think I might be the only guy playing the whole game too.

Other things I have learned:

  • He signs all the posts as “Red” because of his hair color, or, less likely, his political affiliation.
  • Turner links to MetsBlog in his sidebar. So maybe watch what you say about him online, as he might actually read it.
  • He has 20/15 vision in his right eye and 20/13 in his left.
  • He seems to be a fan of mall food.

Turner has a decent shot at breaking camp with the 2011 Mets as a utility infielder, or even the starting second baseman. I’m hoping he’ll blog this spring training, too, as it is interesting to get a player’s thoughts without the media filter. Even if those thoughts seem to revolve around mall food.

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