Wright Becoming More Streaky?

Oooh. Colors. Beyond the Box Score takes a look at whether or not David Wright has become more a streaky player in recent seasons, and makes some EKG looking things in the process. The answer seems to be yes:

Wright’s best year was 2007, where he averaged a WPA of .029 (highest since 2005) and had a standard deviation of .032 (second lowest since 2005). Wright’s lack of volatility coincided with his best overall performance at the plate (OPS+ of 149, offensive Wins Above Replacement of 7.5). Since 2007 we see an increase in deep negative stretches, with 2009 and 2010 looking especially volatile. Essentially, Wright has gone from a consistent high-performer to a boom-or-bust type player.

So there you go. Click through for the full explanation, and more pretty colors. Ted Berg has more on Wright’s streakiness.

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