Note: Like This Blog?

Like this blog? Better yet, love this blog? No? Too strong? Just like? Okay. Well now you can make your “like” Facebook official by, uhhh, “like”-ing this blog’s shiny new Facebook page. And, as everyone knows, no relationship is really official until it’s Facebook official.

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while, you might recall that there was a previous Facebook page from about a year ago, which has since perished from chronic disuse. (That happened because I have no idea how to use Facebook.) Thankfully, the nice SNY people, knowing how to do such things, have created a new page. Unlike the old one, this new one is regularly updated with content from here, and I’ll have a lot more trouble crashing it into the ground.

So if you can’t get enough of this blog here, or if you want to share it with all your friends, or if you just like socially networking for the sake of socially networking, you can like this blog for real on the Facepage.


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2 responses to “Note: Like This Blog?

  1. Patty boy I love your blog. It is my favorite reading when I’m on the can.

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