Announcing: The Top Fifty Mets of All Time

2011 will be the Mets’ 50th season playing baseball. Their first season was 1962, so 2012 will be the franchise’s 50th anniversary, but Opening Day 2011 will be the 50th Opening Day in team history. (This is like how, if your birthday is Christmas Day, your second Christmas Day is also the first anniversary of your birthday. The Mets 49th anniversary is also their 50th season.) 2011 will mean a half decade century (thanks, reader Michael. The Mets have been playing for more than five years) of baseball for the New York Metropolitans.

In honor of that, over the past week or so, I’ve been working on a list of the top 50 Mets of all time. It is for the most part finished. I’m probably going to revise it one more time, a few players will probably get moved around, and I might drop someone, but it’s otherwise done. There are 28 position players, 22 pitchers and players from every decade and each year of the team’s existence.

So starting Monday, I’ll be listing one player each weekday for the next ten weeks, counting down from #50 all the way down to #1. Each player gets a post with a short essay, statistical look, or whatever I happen to be feeling like that particular day. Beat poetry, maybe. The goal is five players a week, a pace would take me to mid-March. I’m planning on falling behind at some point, so I left some wiggle room, with the absolute deadline being Opening Day, which is over twelve weeks away. Regular blogging will continue, but the list will march on and supply regular content during the rest of this inert offseason.

Later today or tomorrow I’ll briefly explain how I ranked the players, and cover some of the near misses. But then Monday kicks off with #50. Here we go.

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