About Keith Law’s Prospect List

Keith Law ranked the farm systems around baseball today, ranking Mets’ farm system the 26th best in baseball, as well as the Phillies’ pharm 5th best and Atlanta-area high schools 3rd.

Okay, before you panic, keep this in mind: Ike Davis, Josh Thole, and Jon Niese graduated from the minors this past season, while Jenrry Mejia, Ruben Tejada, and Fernando Martinez have all lost their rookie status, making them ineligible for these types of rankings. All those players, only two of whom have played full big league seasons, aren’t included in this ranking.

So perhaps the Mets’ young talent is a bit better than this shows, as I assume counting the Mets’ best pitching prospect would bump them up a notch. Though, as Law pointed out, then you’d need to look at the young-but-no-longer-rookie talent on every team and every ranking would need to change.

Anyway, for another perspective, someone quantified John Sickels’ prospect rankings a few weeks ago — which does include Mejia and Martinez — and found the Mets’ system to be 25 best, while the Braves’ system sat at 4 and Satan’s plague on humanity the Phillies’ were ranked 11th. Either way, Sandy Alderson has some work to do.

By the way, you can follow my tweetings here. Lastly, tip of the hat to Dan Lewis.


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4 responses to “About Keith Law’s Prospect List

  1. No matter how you look at it, the Mets don’t have much in the farm system to help in 2011.

    • Patrick Flood

      No, they really don’t. Mejia and Harvey are at least a year away, Fernando Martinez is always hurt, and then Nieuwenhuis and Havens are still at Double-A. No one is particularly close to contributing. Maybe Dillon Gee, if you want to count him.

  2. geez, need to calm down a little with the MiL rankings race. yes you need prospects, but the only thing that actually counts is what the ML team is going to do this year!

    and that I know the royals are not coming in 1st at.

  3. For what it’s worth, the Phils farm was rated about 25th last season. So you can see what one season can do to a team’s rankings.

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