So, How Do We Want to Deride Joe Blanton?

Do we call him Luc Longley? Or do we go with Pete Best? Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters 2? Suggestions if you have them, please.


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9 responses to “So, How Do We Want to Deride Joe Blanton?

  1. Devin George.

    And let’s hope the Phillies season ends up like that of George’s 2004 Lakers.

  2. Man, every time I see this group, I say to myself “if there’s one set of fans in all of baseball who do not deserve to see these guys pitch for their team, it’s the Phillies fans”.

    I like the Newman reference for Blanton, although personality-wise I feel Cole Hamels is more of a Newam than Blaton.

  3. The fat kid who always got picked last in gym class?

  4. Is it me, or does it look like they’re about to break out into a chorus of YMCA? They look like a particularly poorly chosen boy band…

  5. Hey I hear Luis Castillo is a free agent again…Any chance the mets resign him to a 3 yr 18mm dollar deal?

  6. Why is Blanton in that photograph? I don’t think a national publication had Bruce Berenyi in a pre-season photo of the Mets ’86 rotation with Doc, Ronnie, Bobby O and Sid!

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