To Repeat Myself

I wrote about Mike Pelfrey’s struggles last September, and in lieu of simply rewriting the exact same post, I’ll just link back to myself. It’s more or less still what I think.


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3 responses to “To Repeat Myself

  1. So is he trade bait?

    • Patrick Flood

      If someone is willing to trade for Mike Pelfrey as if he really is a 3.60 ERA guy, the Mets should go for that. On the other hand, it’s not like the Mets have a ton of pitching, and Pelfrey can be average for 200 innings a year — and that’s valuable, and something that would need to be made up elsewhere.

  2. I believe if the Mets are 10 games or so out of it in July, we’ll see Beltran, a few pieces from the pen and Pelf (if he’s somewhere in the 3.60-4.00 ERA) traded for prospects. That will allow Gee and perhaps Santana to rejoin the club.

    I’d really hate to see Jose go.

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