Citi or Shea?

I just got home from Citi Field after having spent most of the past two days there — Friday as a fan, Saturday doing my best impersonation of a reporter. I’m pondering a post on the Mets’ now-newish home, but I wanted to present this hypothetical question first

By the express written consent of Major League Baseball, you have the power to choose the ballpark the Mets’ call home. However, you only have two options, and you must pick one.

Option 1: Your first option is a stadium exactly like Citi Field circa 2011. It’s shiny, it’s three years old, it’s got the bricks, Blue Smoke chipotle wings, all that. Everything is exactly the same as it is at Citi Field today, except for the name. In this alternate universe, Citi Field is not called Citi Field anymore. It’s called Shea Stadium. But remember: in all other aspects, it’s exactly the same. It just happens to have a different name.

Option 2: The second option is the opposite of option one. This stadium is Shea Stadium circa 2008, a forty-something year old ballpark. It’s got the ramps, the neon glowing dudes, the red seats in the upper deck. It’s where the Mets won the World Series in 1969 and 1986, and it’s more or less exactly the same as the day it closed. Again, the only change is the name — in this scenario, Shea Stadium is no longer called Shea Stadium. It’s now called Citi Field. For all intents and purposes, it’s Shea. But it’s name is Citi Field, and that’s what everyone calls it.

Which do you choose?

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42 responses to “Citi or Shea?

  1. Just to clarify, the seats in the upper deck of Shea Stadium were red – not orange as you stated — when it closed in 2008. The box seats were orange.

    When Shea originally opened, the upper deck seats were blue or green (can’t remember now) but that changed when they did the major refurbishment ~1983 … i.e., removed the outside “tiles”, added the apple, etc.

    • Patrick Flood

      Why does it have to have a point?

      • If there’s no point, it’s just mental masturbation seemingly for no other purpose than to fill space.

      • Patrick Flood

        Fair enough. But I never said it didn’t have a point.

      • But if there is a point, it’s not apparent, which is why I asked the original question. You’re asking people to choose between a stadium that no longer exists with a current name and a current stadium with a name that exists only in memory. Neither choice is a realistic option – unless by some miracle the Mets pay Citicorp back its money and rename the park Shea Stadium, so what’s the point of the whole exercise?

      • Patrick Flood

        We’re all the point, Stu. We’re all the point.

  2. who cares? why wasted space with this nonsense

  3. What I want and I don’t care what it is called is a ballpark where I can see all of the field from my seat, where that seat in the upper deck doesn’t cost me more than I make in an hour of overtime, and where, there are no exclusive clubs or restaurants. I want a ballpark that puts a priority on the game and not on some faux amusement park type experience.

    • what I want is for people to stop bitching about something not being perfect. You can’t always get what you want. You want a 1 billion dollar, spacious ballpark where you have a beautiful view from anywhere, then pay the damn price to sit in it.

      I’m 19. I have a part-time job. I love the Mets, and I save up pennies so I can afford to pay $40 seats on field level when I find ’em so I can sit in the ballpark I love and watch the team I love. So I can afford the gas to drive from Connecticut to see them. So I can pay the parking and pay $17.50 for a pulled pork sandwich and a regular soda at the game.

  4. I would rather have a citifield renamed shea. I really like the new ballpark. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t feel like home. calling it shea might help a bit in that department, but I still feel like I’m walking into dodger stadium or something when I enter through the rotunda.

    • I think alot of people feel the way you do about it “not being like home” but I think the reasoning for that is off.

      Most people bring up the same nonsense about “feeling like its dodgers stadium” which is just stupid, just stop with the nonsense. Theres an area dedicated to Jackie Robinson, the man, not the dodger, in the front, thats it.

      But while your reasoning IMO is off base, your feeling is no doubt real, but I just think it has to do with the team and the poor play since the ballpark opened. Shea, although a dump, was “home” because you like most of us have great Met memories there. All of our Met memories were there. Once the team has some success at Citi Field, and starts producing some good memories there, Citi will beging to feel like home just like Shea did. Its not the building itself, thats all just dumb chatter, its the team. When they have success and give us good memories there, it will feel just like home.

  5. I would want Shea to be Citi… But I wouldn’t call it Citi at all, I just want Shea back

  6. Look, Citi Field is entering its third season now, and it STILL doesn’t feel like the home of the Mets. Everything about Shea was the Mets. The stadium was blue, the walls were blue, there were blue & orange seats. The skyline on top of the scoreboard had a Mets logo. Citi doesn’t have any of that. I think Citi Field has great potential. But, until the Wilpons start to truly understand the fan base, Citi will never be home. It’s great that JR is celebrated at the stadium, in the city where he played. But, why can’t the memorabilia celebrate NL baseball in NY as a whole and have the Mets be the next chapter. Face it, Citi Field should have blue walls, not black. The seats should NOT be green. And there should be more “Mets” around the ballpark. Not some cheap banner they put up under the Citi Field sign.

    • I don’t mind the green seats actually, as from what I’ve heard they’re a throwback to the Polo Grounds.

      Other than that though, I couldn’t agree more. Besides, if we get enough people in the stands wearing blue with some white and orange sprinkled in, I think it would look fantastic.

    • shuuuut uuup! oh my lord, you people are so negative. What about the rotunda which honors the man who changed the sport? What about the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum? There may not be a skyline on top of the scoreboard with our logo on it, but there’s a skyline on top of the shakeshack WITH our logo on it. You can’t have everything you want. Tough shit.

      Instead of looking at all the negatives, look at all the positives.

      • wow. What i’m saying is that by looking at the field from the stand, the only thing that indicates the Mets play there is the cheap “Lets Go Mets” banner under the Citi Field sign. There should be more of that.

  7. The only thing you can do now is honor all fans and
    Bill Shea by calling it “Shea Stadium at Citi Field”.

  8. There are SO many changes that could (should) be made. These are a few:
    -Blue Wall (maybe darker than shea’s)
    -Seats that match the wall color
    -Mets script next to the light towers on right-center field scoreboard
    -This might be a stretch, but I think one of the worst things about Citi is all the different colors from the ads. I think the Mets should take an idea from the Red Sox and make everything one set of colors. Everything in Fenway is that green…why can’t Citi be all blue? It’s an idea…

    • Patrick Flood

      I love this all green ads idea. I can’t stand the different colored ads all over the scoreboard, particularly the back of the scoreboard. I drive over the Whitestone Bridge and instead of seeing a ballpark I see a classified section.

  9. Citi doesn’t have the same vibe as Big Shea did. Can’t quite put my finger on why. Citi is sterile I guess is a good way to describe it. I watched some games from Dodger Stadium on ESPN last week, and the place looks great.Same age as Shea would have been. I would have preferred Shea been refurbished because you can’t buy the memories of going there with your dad who’s now gone,or sitting down low with your friends because they closed the upper deck during the bad teams of the late 70’s. What can I say I miss the place and the vibe. It just ain’t the same at Citi.

  10. Citi doesn’t have the sewage smell that shea had. Shea had horrible food concessions. Shea had no shade. Shea was horrible. When I was a kid, my dad had to pay some guy off to let us see what the field looks like at the field level. now, you can stand anywhere around the ball park and enjoy great views of the field.
    find a new fight. this one is stupid and not really worth fighting.
    Citi tops shea in every way.
    I’d rather have Citi and call it Citi.

  11. Well when designing such an ass backwards stadium we decided to make the outfield walls black like we are the orioles instead of our nice royal met blue. We made the most exciting defensive play in baseball, Robbing a homerun pretty much non existent in citi field. We also saw that our most prominent young power hitter in david wright loves to drive the ball into right center so we made it 415 so he can hit doubles. Also we like to bring the feel of flushing in our park so in right field we made a tactless ploy for advertisement with he mos zone, completing possibly the stupidest field in major league baseball.

  12. CitiField is a victim of bad timing. It’s opening coincided with a terrible stretch in Mets history. If the Mets were a winning franchise when Citi opened, there wouldn’t be the complaints about the “feel” of the stadium.

    Right now it’s a stadium filled with nothing but negative memories for most fans. That’s why we nitpick at things like seat and fence colors.

    Citizen’s Bank Park has green seats and a green fence… I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Phillie fans have some great memories there. Why? They win.

    Shea had a green fence and pastel colored seats for the first 15 years or so of it’s existence. Even in the end, two of the levels had seat colors that weren’t associated with the Mets whatsoever.. green and red.

    Citi has issues. The Dodger obsession being the largest one. But memories are what makes a stadium, and right now Citi has none. Citi is a much better stadium than Shea ever was. Shea was an absolute dump.

    But Shea had memories.

    In time, so will CitiField.

    I hope.

    • citizens bank park has blue seats. I agree that the negativity surrounding the club now doesnt make the ballpark look better. But, nonetheless, there isn’t a lot of Mets stuff built into the park. For example, the retired numbers are stickers on the left field wall. It’s almost like they were a last second addition.

      • the fences are still green.

        and how long did it take shea to be filled with mets stuff? the fences at shea weren’t blue until 1980. most of the renovations were done in the past 10-12 years. for most of shea’s history it was a drab, cavernous stadium.

        give citi time, and a product on the field that doesn’t suck, and they’ll get it right.

      • i will say that i absolutely hate the jackie robinson rotunda…

        jackie robinson was a great human being. that there is no statue in his honor somewhere in new york city is a disgrace.

        but that statue should be in brooklyn. he played for the dodgers. he never once wore a mets uniform. the main focal point of the stadium the mets play in should be related to the mets. that should be the shea rotunda, or the seaver rotunda.

        jackie robinson deserves a monument in this city. just not at the home of the mets.

      • Actually, there ia statue of Jackie Robinson and PeeWee Reese with Reese’s arm on Robinson’s shoulder in front of the Cyclones stadium in Brooklyn.

  13. My main issue with CitiField is that there are so many seats that have an obstucted view. I went to a game and when a ball was hit against the wall, I cound NOT see if Bay caught it :{ I had to listen to crowd reaction and wait for the replay on the screen. That sucks. There are so many juts, overhangs and weird shapes, and that dumb black wire, that you cannot see the whole field at all from many seats. That was NOT the case at Shea.

    • Man, I hear you. I love sitting in the Pepsi Porch, but you miss every ball hit to right. It’s pathetic.

      Alderson needs to change the outfield mapping and dimentions, make it a more balanced park, and make it more Mets while still making it a better home for us fans. To be honest, I don’t think there is a single Mets logo in the rotunda aside from the store, the museum, and the tops “starting players” board. I can harpy tell they play there for gods sake.

  14. Joe

    LOL. Why would anyone choose the lesser stadium (sorry, Shea, I love you) AND the lesser name??

  15. The primary concern in regards to the Mets is the team on the field, not their ballpark. Citi Field is a superior baseball facility to Shea Stadium. Old Shea served its purpose but it was old, leaky, cramped, and although you could see most of the field you were a mile away. The newer ballparks like Citi, Target Field, Citizen’s Bank Park, and even Yankee Stadium have limited sight seating in the outfield. The trade off is closeness to the action compared to seeing the whole field. This is not a unique trait of Citi. Citi Field renamed Shea would be assume. But frankly right now I would settle for winning four of five games.

  16. Tom

    Did people actually go to Shea Stadium?

    Do you remember how any row past row H in Loge or Mezz were obstructed by the hanging decks above?

    Do you remember being 10,000 feet high in the upper deck?

    And if you were sitting in the corners you couldn’t see the action below on the field so you had to rely on the reactions of fans in the stadium?

    Do you remember the food?

    Do you remember the horrible bathrooms?

    Or the Bataan Death March that was the ramps because the elevators never worked?

    How about parking at the tennis courts and taking a yellow school bus to the stadium any time they drew over 45,000?

    Shea Stadium was a dump – but it was our dump because we had two great endings out of the 44 years there.

    And I’m tired of people complaining about ticket prices at Citi Field – you can sit in Prominade Reserved Infield tonight for $18 – which is basically the same amount you paid for Shea’s Upper Deck

    Stop complaining behind your computer screens and actually GO to Citi Field!

    • I was there yesterday….it was depressing…I understand all the negativity about Shea Stadium. But, it was home. Every Mets fan will say that. Citi Field isn’t home…yet. I said before it has great potential. I think on top of assembling a better on field product, the Mets need to make some changes to the ballpark. More blue, more orange. It isn’t difficult. Obviously Shea had some awful obstructions, but a majority of the seats in the upper deck at Citi have obstructed views of the outfield corner. The Mets can erase some negativity surrounding the club by helping Citi Field feel more like home.

    • “Did people actually go to Shea Stadium?” — Helluva lot more than will ever go to New Shea. No 3.5 million attendance years there.

      “Do you remember how any row past row H in Loge or Mezz were obstructed by the hanging decks above?

      “Do you remember being 10,000 feet high in the upper deck?

      “And if you were sitting in the corners you couldn’t see the action below on the field so you had to rely on the reactions of fans in the stadium?” — Never sat in any of those places. Always sat directly behind the catcher 6-10 rows behind the box seats.

      “Do you remember the food?” — Not great, but not horrible ; better than Veterans Stadium, which was a nicer-looking park.

      “Do you remember the horrible bathrooms?” — Never used the bathrooms there. We’d go before we left for the game and after we came home.

      “Or the Bataan Death March that was the ramps because the elevators never worked?” — LOVED the ramps! We always chose the ramps over the elevators. Beautiful view as you went up and down.

      “How about parking at the tennis courts and taking a yellow school bus to the stadium any time they drew over 45,000?” — I guess we must have gotten there before the lot filled up. Every time we went was a capacity crowd, and we always parked in the main lot.

  17. My thoughts:
    1-Move home plate up 10 feet. This will make the park a better balanced park to play in.
    2-Lower hight of walls if possible.
    3-Paint the seats blue.
    4-Rename Citi Field Hodges Field at Stengel Stadium

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