A Vote for Emaus is a Vote for America

If you missed it, the 2011 All-Star Game ballot was released yesterday. Yes, on April 26th, less than a month into the season.

Since MLB published the thing so early, there are some odd players listed on the ballots, options that will only grow odder as the season progresses. For example: Brad Emaus, current Colorado Rockie farmhand, is listed as the Mets’ second baseman.

I generally won’t actively advocate anything here . . . but everyone needs to vote for Brad Emaus. Electing the two-and-a-half week Met as the National League starting second baseman in the 2011 MLB All-Star game would be a vote for liberty, democracy, and the American dream.

Also, how hard could it be to put Daniel Murphy’s name in there instead? I get how it could be difficult for the paper ballots, but the online ballot is on the internet, right? Isn’t it easy to change things written on the internet?

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