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I’m not sure if I understand why Fernando Martinez is here either. If the Mets are looking for a lefty bat off the bench, Kirk Nieuwenhuis makes more sense. He’s also lefthanded and already on the 40-man roster (EDIT: He’s not. Assumed he was. They could 60 day DL Jenrry Mejia and put him on, and so on), but can handle center field (supposedly), something that would seem iffy with Martinez considering his knees and propensity to vaporize on contact. He’s also outhitting Martinez in Triple-A.

On the other hand, perhaps this is indicative that Nieuwenhuis has jumped past Martinez in the Mets’ eyes, in that they would rather have the Captain playing and learning everyday in Triple-A while Martinez sits on the big league bench. If true, this has future implications (though I suppose everything has future implications), as if Beltran is gone in 2012, Lucas Duda, Nieuwenhuis, and Martinez would seem to be the internal options for right field. I would guess that Martinez is the favorite, but maybe Nieuwenhuis is sneaking ahead of him.

On the other hand, maybe big daddy Sandy just thinks Martinez is more big league ready than Nieuwenhuis. More baseless speculation!

Busy day (and week) for me, so things may be quiet around here. Astros preview sometime tonight/tomorrow, then back to normal over the weekend.

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