Attendance is Down, but . . .

If you’re wondering, through their first 27 home games last season, the Mets had drawn 860,118 fans. In 27 home games this season, the Mets have drawn 744,578 fans, a drop of 115,540 fans (13.4%). As Nate Silver covered yesterday in the New York Times, this is a larger drop than expected even taking into account the team’s poor play over the past three seasons. The Mets’ and the Dodgers’ struggles to sells tickets suggests that a lack of confidence in ownership or management can contribute to poor ticket sales.

Anyway, this also means that should you ignore the Mets and Dodgers, MLB attendance is actually up this season. Baseball!


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2 responses to “Attendance is Down, but . . .

  1. Can any of this drop be attributed to the weather this year?

    • Patrick Flood

      Maybe, but other places have had worse weather and it hasn’t affected attendance as much. Nate Silver’s NY Times piece implied that the weather was a variable, but didn’t explain away the attendance. The LA Times piece said that the weather wasn’t the reason, either.

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