World’s Only Speedball Pitcher Revealed

So that solves that. By the way, if I had a time machine — and I don’t, but if I did — the first thing I would do is go back and force Bruce Springsteen to rerecord the Born in the USA album sans synthesizers and Phil Collins drums. Great songs, but it’s his only album with the E Street Band that sounds dated.


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4 responses to “World’s Only Speedball Pitcher Revealed

  1. yeah, but the eighties are awesome.

  2. He was kind of forced to add them in at the time. IIRC he’s said that his original vision for the album was much more somber. Just reading the lyrics, I can believe him.

    • Patrick Flood

      I’ve heard the original version of “Born in the USA,” the version on “Tracks,” which sounds like it belongs on “Nebraska.” I had no idea the synths and drum sounds were forced on him . . . still, I’d love to get rid of them.

  3. I think the “We Shall Overcome” record is pretty dated.

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