Izzy’s Return to Earth

Chris McShane takes a look at Jason Isringhausen’s regression over at Amazin’ Avenue. The lesson: Gravity always wins, as usual.

My own two cents about Izzy:

On zero days of rest: 11 games, 5.19 ERA, 7 R, 9 K, 8 BB, 1 HR
On one or more days of rest: 33 games, 3.30 ERA, 11 R, 26 K, 9 BB, 5 HR

He hasn’t been super-effective with any amount of rest this season, but maybe Izzy shouldn’t pitch without a day off between appearances anymore. The dude’s old, and it just seems like he hasn’t been as sharp coming off no rest. So maybe someone else could take the ninth if Izzy pitched the day before.

Plus, if the Mets split closing duties between Isringhausen and Parnell or Beato or whomever, it allows them to get the young guys some reps while continuing Izzy’s quest for 300 saves. Everyone wins! Except for the Mets, of course, who are stuck with all these shaky relievers.

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