New Mostly Mets Podcast

With Ted Berg, Toby Hyde and I. We discuss the awful, awful bullpen, what to do with Josh Thole, what do to with Daniel Murphy, booing certain players, and watching movies on television. Roughly in that order, actually.

Listen, download, tell us what you like and what could be better. You can also find us on iTunes, too, and rate us if you feel so compelled.

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  1. I was at Tuesday’s game and I have a few thoughts on booing. OK, bad play that costs us the game? Boo your little hearts out. Boo the entire team as they leave the field? Not so much. Really. One bad throw does not a team make.
    I also have a problem when people carry on about this player or that one after a few loses. We have a team that is ‘under construction’ if you will. The players are not independent of one another. That is the very definition of a team. Young (or new to the team) players will have to learn the dynamics of their teammates. This is not exclusive to the pitcher/catcher dynamic or the ss/2nd base/1st base players who regularly try to turn double plays.
    One of the things that I love most about the Mets through good seasons and bad, is the personality they present. I think they have been exciting and fun to watch this year. I am pleased that they have had a relatively strong presence on the field when so many people quit on them before the season even started. Call me pie-eyed, but I am a fan and that is how I see it.

    PS. I enjoy your podcasts. I listen to them in bits and pieces as I rarely have a large chunk of time to digest them in one sitting.

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