A Basic Intro to Advanced Pitching Stats

I’m going to assume most of you know about the new ESPN venture called Grantland, which has been around for a few months now. Some of their content has been good and some of it not so much, but being someone who attempts to write longer-form pieces on occasion, I’ve been interested. I’d like to think that high quality overtakes high quantity in the long run, and since that seems to be what they’re aiming at . . . well, I’m rooting for them.

But more importantly, Jonah Keri’s coverage of baseball for Grantland is killing it (as the kids say[?]), and I want to point ya’ll towards it. Today, there’s an introduction to FIP and other advanced pitching stats, which every baseball fan should read. Out of all the advanced stats, FIP is probably the easiest to understand and the most useful for winning your fantasy baseball league/not signing Oliver Perez. And those are certainly good things.

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