Martinez Has Another Option?

Well that’s news to me. Most players get three option years, seasons in which they can be sent freely between the majors and minors. I was under the impression that Fernando Martinez had used all three (2009, 2010 and this season), and would need to be exposed to waivers if the Mets sent him to the minors next season. For example, Nick Evans has used all of his option years, and the Mets have exposed him to waivers every time they’ve sent him down this season. I thought that would be the case with Martinez next season, but I guess not. There are some hazy rules about fourth option years, and perhaps that’s what is going on here, but this was a surprise to me when I read it this morning.

Adam Rubin’s whole chat with DePodesta about the Mets farm is worth reading, by the way. But that was the part that made me say “huzzah?”


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4 responses to “Martinez Has Another Option?

  1. I vaguely recall there’s something in the rules that considers the age of the player when signed, i.e., at 16 as he was.

    • Patrick Flood

      Right, part of it is how old they were when they signed, but I think Martinez is too old even for that. Sometimes a team can petition for another option year because of injuries. Maybe that’s what the Mets did here? I don’t know, I’m just guessing now.

  2. Fernando didn’t use an option year in 2009. He was added to the 40 man roster midseason when he was called up to the 25 man roster. After that, he was sent down for less than 20 days before being recalled, getting injured and spending the rest of the regular season on the major league DL.

    2010 was his first option year, 2011 is his second and 2012 will be his last.

    • Patrick Flood

      Yes, that’s it. Someone pointed this out to me on Twitter tonight, too, and that’s it exactly. I’ve been trying to figure this one out for a while, and that’s got to be it. Thanks.

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