Mostly Mets, Episode 10

As always, with Toby Hyde and Ted Berg. Here you go:

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Topic by topic run down after the jump, if you’re that type:

00:00 – Hello

00:02 – Email!

21:00 – Ted’s Trip to Binghamton

27:00 – Naming Meat

33:00 – Draft Signing

40:00 – Process Matters

47:00 – Statistical Milestones We Want for Mets:

Toby – Niese

Patrick – Tejada

Ted – Duda

1:08 – Why Jeff Francouer means there’s always hope!

1:13 – The relationship between smiles and wins

1:21 – St. Lucie, FL wildlife

1:23 – Fresh Rabbit

1:30 – Listener Challenge!!

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