New Mostly Mets Podcast

Our latest. Toby talks with Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball about the Mets’ financial situation, and we talk about Bobby Parnell and the bullpen, David Wright’s defense, and what an army of Mike Pelfreyes would be like. As always, listen in the above player, or the iTunes link is here so you can download from there.

The minute-by-minute rundown:

– Hello (Trisdaidekaphobia)
– 2:30 Email
– 6:30 Danny Ray Herrera
– 15:00 David Wright’s Defense, and David Wright
– 29:30 Maury Brown on Mets $
– 1:08:00 “Nick Evans is Totally Sweet”
– 1:15:00 Minor League Playoffs (and Johan Santana)
– 1:25:00 Patrick’s Wonderful Hypothetical … Never Ending Marlins or Eternal Pelfrey?

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