DFW: Federer as Religious Experience

If you’d like to read one of the better pieces of sports writing, and/or have a thing for commas, might I recommend this re-print of David Foster Wallace’s “Federer as Religious Experience” over at Grantland today. (I guess they’re out of new material already.) It’s about tennis, which is not baseball, but I don’t even really like tennis and I liked this the first time I read it.

Also: ESPN commercials are informing me that Grantland is pronounced “Grant-lund,” like the “land” in “England.” I say “Grant-land,” almost as in “Ireland.” Is this some sort of New York area, alternate pronunciation on my part? Or is either acceptable? I’ve lived in New Jersey and Connecticut, and my father is from Long Island, so I suspect there’s bits of all three in my speech. I know I say “water” incorrectly, for one — “waw-der” instead of “waw-ter” — among other things . . . How did Grantland Rice pronounce his first name?

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