Pelfrey and Tejada

Just a quick note, and mostly because we love Ruben Tejada around here. Mike Pelfrey has thrown 190.2 innings this season, 39.1 with Ruben Tejada at second base and 151.1 innings with someone else, usually Justin Turner, at the keystone. The Mets have turned 10 ground ball double plays in the 151.1 non-Tejada innings, and five ground ball double plays in the 39.1 Tejada innings. That might not seem like a meaningful difference, but over a full season, 200 innings, that works out to:

13 double plays without Tejada playing second
26 double plays with Tejada playing second

Tejada has played less than 40 innings at second this season with Pelfrey on the mound, and that’s not enough to draw any statistical conclusions about the future. But it’s not unreasonable to think that the more nimble and better armed Tejada would turn more double plays than Justin Turner, and exactly what has happened this season. If you look at Pelfrey’s good years (2008 and 2010) and his bad years (2009 and this season), he keeps the ball in the park and generates double plays in his good seasons. He doesn’t do either in his bad years. Ruben Tejada isn’t going to help Pelfrey keep the ball in the park, but if he’s the second baseman next season, maybe he turns a few more double plays and takes a few runs off the board for Pelf.

Of course, Ruben Tejada is the shortstop if Jose Reyes doesn’t re-sign, and then all this is moot. But I’m sure we’ll spend a solid three months talking about nothing but Reyes pretty soon, so we can get to that another time.

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