Mostly Mets Podcast

Newest Mostly Mets Podcast, with Toby and Ted. Listen above, or you can download, rate and subscribe over at iTunes.

A basic outline of the show:

Answering Emails
2:00 – The Mets’ home and road record
11:00 – How long is Sandy Alderson’s grace period?
15:00 – Building a foundation and minor league walk rates

And the awards:
24:00 – Team MVP
25:00 – Pitcher of the Year
25:30 – Rookie of the Year
32:00 – Best Defender
36:00 – Most Improved
38:00 – Best Facial Hair
41:00 – Best Hair
43:00 – Best Walk-up Music
48:00 – Most Infuriating Moment
53:00 – Best Game of the Year
55:00 – Best Ballpark Food We Ate
58:30 – Best Mets Pitching Performance of the Year
59:30 – Moment that best encapsulated the season
1:00:00 – Bye-bye Braves
1:03:00 – Best Performance by a Mets Opponent
1:08:00 – Best Home Run of the Year
1:11:00 – Player who most precisely met expectations for 2011


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