Mostly Mets Call-in Line

So let’s try something new: The Mostly Mets Podcast now has a voicemail box. Beloved listeners can now ask questions and then hear said questions (and our answer) on the show. Here’s the deal:

  • You call us at 347-915-METS / (347-915-6387)
  • You’ll hear yours truly reading a little welcome message
  • After the beep, say your name, where you’re from, and then ask your question for the show.
  • Hang up

We shall listen to your question on the show, then answer and talk about it. You can, of course, continue to email and tweet us questions/comments/suggestions, but if you have a particularly melodious voice (or just really like leaving voicemails), this is a pretty good option for getting in contact with us, too. We’re planning on trying it out during next week’s episode, so feel free to leave a message this week: 347-915-6387

Oh, one other thing: Ted created a Mostly Mets Podcast survey, so if you listen to our show, we’d appreciate if you took a minute to answer these five questions. Thanks. We love you all.


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5 responses to “Mostly Mets Call-in Line

  1. Wait a minute, speak for yourself. I don’t necessarily love them all. I love most of them I think. Depends on the feedback.

  2. Holy crap! You guys are moving onto the big leagues with this stuff. Very nice!

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