Some Things I Read Today

Well, today it’s stuff I read and watched. First the goofy stuff:


Now the less fun, but still good, stuff:

But I have seen some things in the last few days that have felt rotten, utterly wrong — a piling on that goes even beyond excessive, a dancing on the grave that makes me ill. Joe Paterno has lived a whole life. He has improved the lives of countless people. I know. I’ve talked to hundreds of them. I walk by the library that he and his wife Sue built almost every day. I walk by the religious center that tries to bring people together, and his name is on the list of major donors. I hear the stories, the countless stories, of the kindnesses that came naturally to him, of the way he stuck with people in their worst moments, of the belief he had that everybody could do a little bit better — as a football player, as a student, as a human being. I’m not going to tell you these stories now, because you can’t hear them. Nobody can hear them in the howling.

– Joe Posnanski, “The End of Paterno”
Sports Illustrated

Joe Posnanski has been on Penn State’s campus working on book about Paterno well before all this broke. I recommend the above article.

Did you all know The Classical has been running a preview in anticipation of their launch next month? It’s looking like it’s going to be quite excellent. I recommend the following preview piece, which I’ll excerpt without further comment:

Because lines of communication were so tangled during the rush to Baghdad, Brian was buried before I even knew he was dead. I found out in some garbage-strewn field after my battalion left Baghdad, and I sat down immediately to write his parents a letter. I didn’t know them, but their son had been my best friend for four lousy months at the Armor Officer Basic Course in Kentucky. Brian was exacting, demanding, and embodied the high standards he expected of everyone else in uniform. He was an impossible asshole, and that was his charm.

– Matt Ufford, “38 Seconds”
The Classical

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