Some Thing I Read Today

Just this today:

“Take a flyer on”: You learn some things when you edit a television network’s website, and one of them is that teams absolutely do take flyers on players. Technically, they take tiny little pieces of flyers—the little tear-off strips on the bottom, carefully cut by some earnest agent. Pure inside info: at the Winter Meetings in Dallas, there’ll be a big bulletin board full of flyers advertising the services of various less-coveted free-agents, and sometime during the week every team’s GM will send an assistant to walk past and grab a flyer if there’s any player worth investigating. Actually, at the Dolphin Hotel in Orlando there still hangs a lonely flyer from last year’s meetings with no strips torn off, a photo of David Eckstein’s face in black-and-white looking hopefully from the goldenrod-yellow copy paper. Should’ve sprung for color printing, maybe. Likelihood it actually happens: High.

You should all check out Ted Berg’s piece about “The Language of the Hot Stove League” over at Baseball Prospectus today.

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