Chicken Nuggets

The baseball Hot Stove overload continues to be explained via food:

I don’t have the stomach to peddle nutritionally devoid nuggets to the hungry masses, no matter how tempting the profit line. And though I can understand the urge to scarf down those nuggets, I don’t really want to be the children either, chewing up and digesting everything in sight without considering the source.

But I also have no strong desire to be Jaime Oliver, tilting at windmills, preaching in vain to try to prevent people from catering to their most base instincts.

– Ted Berg, “Reconstituted Meat”

And Ted pretty much nails it here. I think, in this scenario, I’ve decided that I don’t want to eat chicken nuggets anymore, because I’ve had too many. Chicken nuggets, when you get down to it, are gross. But it’s also true that chicken nuggets are fun and delicious, and if they’re what people want . . . well, that makes sense. Chicken nuggets taste good. And it’s possible that I’m the only one sick of chicken nuggets because, as a baseball blogger, I’m exposed to and eat too many chicken nuggets. There’s likely no point in me stating about how I’m sick of chicken nuggets while everyone else happily scarfs them down.

I think I’m lost in the analogy. Go read Ted’s piece, because he’s thought this through and taken it farther than I have. And by the way, actual chicken nuggets — especially dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, which really do taste better — are among my favorite foods.

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