Some Things I Read Today

Who’s more inept, the Marlins or the city of Miami?

In financing construction of the parking garages, the city agreed to lease all 5,700 spaces to the Marlins at the cost of $10 a spot. Although out of line with the city’s regular practices, the contract stipulates that the city, and not the team, is responsible for all taxes on the garages. According to the Sun-Sentinel, however, municipal properties in Miami-Dade County are only exempt from property taxes if used exclusively for public purposes. By building garages for use by a private organization, the city was taking on an extra tax bill that it had not prepared for. Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado (who opposed the stadium deal as city commissioner) has said that parking revenue alone will not cover the increased costs. The cash strapped city will instead have to draw funds from its budget.

Cory Eucalitto, “City of Miami Owes $2 Million in Property Taxes for Stadium Garages”
Marlin Maniac

It sounds like Miami just stumbled into this accident, and the Marlins aren’t at fault for any sort of trickery. But I mean . . . like, come on, Miami. Someone should have figured that out beforehand. More money for the Marlins to pretend to offer Albert Pujols, I guess.

By the way, both Marlins Maniac and the under-new-management Fish Stripes are worth adding to your RSS reader, if you like to keep track of the other teams in the NL East.

One non-baseball piece: Brains!

Squeezed into a curlicue of space deep in the building’s basement are more than 400 lead glass bottles containing a rich scotch-coloured liquid that twinkle on backlit shelves. Amid the room’s twilight and wood panelling you could be forgiven for thinking that you had wandered into an exclusive speakeasy. But your thirst will immediately dissipate once you realise that resting in each of these bottles is a human brain.

– George Pendle, “Grey Matters”
FT Magazine

Brains! BRAINS! Via Give me Something to Read

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